The UKV Sport is streamlined and exceptionally compact (even the counter-top model offers sparkling water).

Despite its compact design it gives the largest dispensing area, comfortably filling sports bottles, carafes and large glasses.

Touch-panel controls and integral cup dispenser

Back-lit displensing area

Premium Mains Dispenser

UKV water coolers offer an exceptionally compact footprint and maximum user-friendly features.

Complementing any sports environment the UKV Sport is appropriate in executive suites or activity halls. With all the enhanced user features of the Elite model plus all sport's centre requirements and more.

Despite the compact design, the UKV Sport offers the largest dispensing area, comfortably filling sports bottles and pint glasses.

The drinking water fountain from Cosmetal is ideal suited for public spaces such as shopping centres, schools and offices, the Cosmetal River drinking water fountain is easily connected to the water mains. The water coolers direct chill technology guarantees a constant supply of fresh drinking water and requires minimal maintenance. This drinking water fountain produces up to 30 litres of chilled water per hour. This Cosmetal water fountain comes with two different taps, a bubbler tap for drinking directly from the water fountain and a sawn-neck tap for filling up water bottles.

Technical Details

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