Our UKV technicians maintain regular visits to sanitize your bottled water cooler.

Customers that enjoy the natural goodness and sweet taste of our mineral water should be mindful not to store the water bottles in direct sunlight. Mineral water stored in direct sunlight may cause a non-harmful algae to form and can add a green hue to the water.

Natural Mineral Water

Our natural mineral water is drawn from deep beneath the Sussex Downs and is untouched at source - producing water of unrivalled quality and taste.

Low in sodium and has a pH value of 7.3.

Calcium 96.0mg/1, Magnesium 5.0mg/1, Potassium 1, 2mg/1., Sodium 10.0mg/1, Hydrogen Carbonate - 214.0mg/1, Chloride 16.8mg/1, Fluoride 0.1mg/1, Nitrate - N 2.6mg/1, Sulphate 10.0mg/1

Technical Details

Water Botted Delivery Service

19 litre bottles and the smaller 11 litre bottles supplied.

Personal service from our family business.

No call centre. speak to a real person at our UK offices

Free-call telephone ordering service. Our friendly drivers will check your coolers on attendance

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